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Too pretty to eat? Artist makes quicky watermelon sculptures – Clive Cooper on The Today Show

Well, Clive was featured on the Today Show, but a bit disappointing I thought.  They only showed a couple of watermelons like his Google eyed silly frog, and Anime warrior, and not even the alligator carving that is currently going viral on the web.  Plus they didn't even get time to mention our website.  Apparently a breaking story usurped it.  So much for his grand debut on the Today Show! Click below to see video. Clive Cooper Watermelons on the Today Show Also on MSN Food section: 10 Amazing Watermelons Carvings by Clive Cooper    

Alligator Watermelon Carving Goes Viral?

What constitutes going "viral" on the web exactly?  I don't know, but I've found websites with 500,000 views, Trend Hunting sites including our images, Facebook pages with 15,000 plus "likes" 42 Google web pages (at least, and growing) featuring Clive's recent Alligator Watermelon Carving (or as some prefer, Crocodile Watermelon Carving).  With online newspapers using this image, the Food Network about to publish a blog, Wenn News Agency, Rock 101, Lite FM, VR-Zone on Facebook, the list goes on and on ... It is a great carving, but then Clive has loads of fantastic, extreme watermelon and pumpkin carvings to be proud of.  Click on the alligator picture below to see even more!

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Alligator Watermelon Carving

Alligator Watermelon Carving by www.sparksflydesign.com

Pumpkin Carving, Watermelon Carving, Graphic Design in Vancouver – Sparksfly Design