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You can join us on Facebook under "Clive Cooper" as well now.  Careful, there are two sites almost exactly the same.  The correct one is listed below: Join us on FACEBOOKhttps://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010263586313  

Orc Watermelon Sculpture

Clive's first watermelon carving of the season.  Orc-styled character. Orc Watermelon WM

Alligator Watermelon Carving

Seems there are a few Alligator Watermelon Carvings showing up on the web suddenly, but Clive's was the first and I still think the best (though there are some good ones, I must admit).  This was featured last year in Ripley's Eye-Popping Oddities book.  Make sure you share this one, it deserves to go viral! Best Watermelon Carving - ever! Alligator Watermelon Watermarked  

Clive Cooper Pumpkin Carver on Facebook

We finally started a Facebook page this year, but goofed a little.  You'll notice two sites for Clive.  One will be removed in 60 days, the other you'll notice has regular postings.  Lots of pics, videos and more! Join us by clicking link below! Facebook:  Clive Cooper

Global BC TV Pumpkin Carving Segment

In case you missed it, here is Clive Cooper's Pumpkin carving video on Global BC TVs late night show with hosts Sophie Lui and Jay Durant.  Video was disappointingly short, but guess other important news of the day took precedence. Chris Allard (cameraman) Clive, and hosts Sophie Lui and Jay Durant featured below. Chris Allard, Clive, Sophie Lui & Jay Durant

Panda Pumpkin Carving by Clive Cooper

Clive creates his 2nd Pumpkin Carving of a Panda.  Little bigger than the first Panda Pumpkin, but every bit as cute! Panda Pumpkin Carving

Dinosaur Watermelon Carving vs Triceratops Watermelon Carving?

I'm not sure why, but of all of his watermelon carvings, Clive's Triceratops Watermelon seems to have received the least attention.  For me, along with his Alligator Watermelon Carving (featured in Ripley's Eye Popping Oddities book - September 8th) this is one of his best.  Maybe it's all to do with how people look these things up?  Like maybe, I should have labeled it "Dinosaur Watermelon Carving" instead of "Triceratops Watermelon Carving"?  I have no idea, but if any of you techies out there have some advice to offer, it would certainly be gratefully received!  Just send a note via the contact us button.  Thank you!
Triceratops Watermelon Carving

Triceratops Watermelon Carving

I Yam What I Yam – Vegetable Carving

Clive thought he'd try his hand at carving a yam (sweet potato). Just a quick study to test out this medium.  I've entitled it "I Yam What I Am" and it will probably become tomorrow nights dinner!
Yam Carving

Yam Carving

Looking for Big Foot, look no further …. Pumpkin Carving

Here is Clive's most recent carving effort of a "Sasquatch" come "Big Foot" sort of a friendlier, Harry and the Hendersons version.  Inspired by a recent trip to Harrison Hot Springs Hotel, who will be displaying it in their lobby over the course of Halloween. Thanks to Gamal Hanna for sorting this out!
Big Foot or Sasquatch Pumpkin Carving by Sparksfly Design

Big Foot or Sasquatch Pumpkin Carving by Sparksfly Design

Watermelon Carving

Wow, this has sure been a wild ride.  Clive has had his watermelons features world-wide on TV, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.  The Alligator was the big hit.  Plus we started a Youtube channel entitled "Clive Cooper Carvings" and Ripley's Believe it or not are featuring in their book in the coming year. Clive had a flex day recently, so for fun carved this cute little Frankenstein character, who we've affectionately names "Frankenmelon".  More to come ...  
frankenstein watermelon, watermelon carvings, best watermelon carvings


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