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Vancouver Halloween 2019

Clive carved what he calls a Cyborg Humanoid Hybrid pumpkin, or as I prefer to call it …. pie!

Cyborg Humanoid Hybrid

Roman Centurion Pumpkin

Of all the carvings Clive has ever done, this one of a Roman Centurion has to be one of my faves.  "Veni, Vidi, Scalpsit" (He came, he saw, he carved!).  

Roman Centurion Pumpkin Carving by Clive Cooper

Van Dusen Glow in the Garden

Clive only carved a couple of the pumpkins at Van Dusen's Glow in the Garden event this year, but they are pretty cool!

Glowing Halloween Pumpkins by Clive Cooper

New video, all about Clive!  

Bird of Prey Watermelon Carving

Soaring down from the dark, stormy skies of watermelon carver, Clive Cooper's mind, the Bird of Prey descends ....  

Clive's watermelon carving entitled "Rapturous Raptor".
Raptor Watermelon Carving

Raptor by Clive Cooper

Pumpkin and Watermelon Carving 2016

Well Clive certainly has had a good run this year.  With two watermelon carvings and a video created for Fox Entertainment for Tim Burton movie Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children, a full week of carving at Van Dusen Botanical Gardens Glow in the Garden event, photos of his images in UK newspapers The Sun and Metro News and more, an article in the Globe and Mail, interviews on local news stations and radio, etc.  Also a few TV filming projects coming up by the looks of things.  This is definitely his year and he deserves it!  Will tell you more later .... chewbacca-pumpkin-carving witch-pumpkin-carving For more, click on: Pumpkins: http://www.sparksflydesign.com/pumpkin-carving/recent-carvings/ Watermelons: http://www.sparksflydesign.com/watermelon-carving/  

Van Dusen Glow in the Dark Event

Step into the magical, enchanted forest at Van Dusen's Glow in the Garden Event from October 24th through to October 31st, 2016 and you just might run across pumpkin carvers Clive Cooper and Bruce Waugh offering some demos (at least on Thursday Oct 27th and Sunday Oct 30th).  Lots of media sharing the love as well.  Hopefully the link below leads to the October 24th news, and if you drag the button at the bottom of the video to 32.50 seconds, you'll catch a quick clip of Clive in action. http://bc.ctvnews.ca/more/ctv-news-at-six  

Stay Peculiar with Clive’s newest watermelon carving

Carved out of watermelon for 20th Century Fox Entertainment, is Clive's newest offering of "The Barron" from Tim Burton Movie, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  They have produced a cute little video of him in action, which you can view on our Facebook site at the link below.  He also carved a "Hollowgast" creature from the movie for Fox Entertainment.




Angry Birds, the Movie or the Watermelon?

And just in time for the Angry Birds the movie, here is "Big Red" carved in watermelon (gotta' love the little carrot feet)!  Clive felt it was time to do sculpt one for the kids -  Angry Birds Watermelon! Angry Birds Watermelon    

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