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Pumpkin Carvers on CBC Radio and Pumpkins at Oakridge Mall

Clive, along with fellow carvers Craig Mutch, Bruce Waugh and Roger Chaisson got together to carve 16 large Atlantic Giant Pumpkins for a showing at Oakridge Mall,  organized by Sandemons’ David Billings.  Margaret Gallagher of CBC Radio interviewed carvers for airing on their morning show on October 28th (link below):


creaming Zombie Pumpkin

Screaming Zombie Pumpkin

Looking for Big Foot, look no further …. Pumpkin Carving

Here is Clive’s most recent carving effort of a “Sasquatch” come “Big Foot” sort of a friendlier, Harry and the Hendersons version.  Inspired by a recent trip to Harrison Hot Springs Hotel, who will be displaying it in their lobby over the course of Halloween. Thanks to Gamal Hanna for sorting this out!

Big Foot or Sasquatch Pumpkin Carving by Sparksfly Design

Big Foot or Sasquatch Pumpkin Carving by Sparksfly Design

Watermelon Carving

Wow, this has sure been a wild ride.  Clive has had his watermelons features world-wide on TV, magazines, Facebook, Twitter, you name it.  The Alligator was the big hit.  Plus we started a Youtube channel entitled “Clive Cooper Carvings” and Ripley’s Believe it or not are featuring in their book in the coming year.

Clive had a flex day recently, so for fun carved this cute little Frankenstein character, who we’ve affectionately names “Frankenmelon”.  More to come …


frankenstein watermelon, watermelon carvings, best watermelon carvings


Fruit Carver, Watermelon Carver – Clive Cooper on Global BC TV Video

Thought Clive looked so good on Global BC TV’s 6:00 news on July 27th, 2014. I’m glad we filmed it in the garden, as looked so nice.  It all started with his “Viral Alligator Watermelon Carving” and now will see if we have a “Viral Video” from his “Triceratops Watermelon Carving” on our hands!

In case you missed it, here’s the link:

Clive Cooper Watermelon Video – Fruit Carver:

Also added a new Youtube Video to our channel:  Clive Cooper Carvings

This is his “Triceratops Watermelon Carving” semi-instructional video:


Triceratops Watermelon Carving on Global BC TV

Spent a lovely day with Miguel and John from Global BC TV.  Super nice guys.  Clive had a prepared a Triceratops watermelon carving for their interview. Here’s the final result!  We are also preparing a “How To” video on our Youtube Channel.  Just type in Clive Cooper Carvings when in Youtube and you’ll see it soon!

Triceratops Watermelon Carving

Triceratops Watermelon Carving

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