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Anime Watermelon Warrior

This is Clive’s version of an Anime in watermelon.  For lack of a better name, we’ve coined this little guy “Anime Warrior” but let me know if you think of something better (and no, not Mickey Mouse) ….

Anime Watermelon Warrior

Anime Watermelon Warrior



Valentine’s Cards, Easter Cards, Halloween Cards … Oh My!

Just finished creating a few new lines of cards for Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween.  Check it out under the Weddings & Party Supplies section by clicking on image below:

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Halloween “Monster Mash” card


Best Pumpkin Carving Ever!

Well pumpkin season is now over, but Clive left us with possibly the Best Pumpkin Carving Ever! This is a close-up shot of his Papua New Guinea style Shaman featured on Global BC TV News with Anne Drewa and Squire Barnes interviewing.  Awesome isn’t it?  Click on image below for more pumpkins.

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Papua New Guinea Pumpkin Carving



Global BC News Hour Final with Anne Drewa and Squire Barnes

Watch Clive being interviewed on Global BC TV’s News Hour Final by the lovely Anne Drewa and Squire Barnes about his Extreme Pumpkin Carving!


Shaman Pumpkin1


Demon Pumpkin and The Weather Network

Clive also was featured on the Weather Network several times on October 30th and 31st.   Oga Nwobosi of the Weather Network had called us and send Camera man, Caaleb Trott to our house to film the segment.

The Weather Network

Caaleb Trott from The Weather Network films Clive

Clive carves a “Demon Pumpkin” on October 16th. Love the horns and ears!  On the 18th, Dickson Tong, a reporter from the Ming Pao Daily News interviewed Clive – so you’ll see an article and some of his carvings in their paper on October 21st.  It will be a full page spread.

Click on the image below for more pics!

Demon Pumpkin

Pumpkin Demon

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